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Help local homeowners create beautiful, sustainable landscapes.


To provide enhancements to natural landscapes.


Enhance and transform the beauty of God’s natural landscapes.

How We Got Started

Natures Own is a family-owned and operated business in the Springfield, Ohio area. With humble beginnings, Natures Own started in 2007 as a lawn maintenance and snow removal company. The owner, BJ Hamilton, had been working in the landscaping industry for 6 years prior to the launch of this company. He became passionate about enhancing landscapes and began studying the art of paver installation, fence construction, pond creation, and much more. In the spring of 2015, he decided to take a giant leap of faith, quit his full-time managerial position, and focus solely on his passion: Natures Own. BJ has adopted a wonderful Natures Own team. Natures Own prides itself on excellent customer service, superior workmanship, employee satisfaction, and community service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking the first steps on your next project can feel overwhelming, but our team makes the process as simple as possible. Check out our FAQs to learn more and gain some peace of mind!

Yes, we happily give free estimates to all interested parties.

Getting an estimate is easy. All you have to do is call us up and describe your desired services to get a preliminary price quote. For a more in-depth estimate, schedule a consultation session with one of our expert landscaping contractors.

Yes! Regularly scheduled maintenance services are the best way to keep your property attractive, safe, and well-maintained. We’re happy to pre-schedule you for regular maintenance based on your needs and schedule. Whether you want weekly, monthly, or semi-annual maintenance, we have you covered. Browse our website for an overview of all maintenance services we offer, or give us a call if you have something specific in mind.


Absolutely. Whether you’re looking for something modern, classic, or cutting edge, we work with you to incorporate your visions into the final design. Schedule a no-commitment-necessary consultation session to discuss your ideas and dreams. We’ll combine our skills and experience with your unique ideas to make sure you get precisely what you want.

Yes. We are fully insured and up-to-date on all safety regulations. We’re happy to provide proof of insurance.

Hardscapes are the human-made installations on your property like patios, pagodas, outdoor barbecues, and benches. Softscapes are the natural, growing items planted, like trees, bushes, and hedges. We provide services for both hardscapes and softscapes.


When you have fresh new sod, you want to make sure it stays as healthy as possible. To keep your sod in great shape, follow these simple rules:

  • Proper watering is essential as your sod must be kept moist throughout the day. You can water it yourself or schedule watering services with us.
  • Stay off the sod until after the first mowing to ensure it settles properly.
    After the first few days, cut back on irrigation so the soil will be firm for the first mow.
  • Don’t mow your lawn until 14 days (two weeks) after the initial sod installation. To make things easy, you can schedule your first post-installation mowing with us.
  • Fertilize at the end of the first month so that your sod gets all the nutrients it needs.

Aeration is the process of inserting small holes into the soil of your lawn. It improves your lawn’s health by opening up the soil, which allows air, water, and sunlight to flow more freely through the grass and into its roots, facilitating grass growth and moisture dispersion. We recommend aeration as an ideal way to keep your lawn healthy.


Yes. Whether your lawn requires watering, weeding, hydroseeding, aeration, or re-turfing, we can help. Call us up to schedule a consultation so that we can determine the required services.


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