Winterizing Your Patio

As Ohio weather turns towards winter, there will be stronger winds, colder temperatures, ice, and snow. It’s time to prepare your mind and your home for the changes that are coming.

One great place to start is with your patio. If you have an outdoor patio that you love, it’s always a sad day when you realize you’ll be doing your relaxing and entertaining indoors for the next few months. Don’t worry, spring will be here before you know it, and you’ll be enjoying your patio again.

In the meantime, we have collected our tips to help you winterize your patio.

Store your patio furniture

As cold winds move in, its time to clear out your summer patio furniture. You won’t be needing that patio umbrella, table and chairs, or grill anymore.

Protect your furniture and grill from the harsh conditions outside by storing them in your garage or any dry, safe place. Add an extra layer of protection by covering them with a tarp or garbage bags to ensure they will be in tip top shape come spring.

Additionally, bring in any plants that you hope to keep alive through the winter and clean out pots of plants that are done for the year.

Clean as you go

As you clear your patio of all your favorite summer essentials, take the opportunity to clean them up. This will make spring setup easier, and it will help keep your belongings in great condition.

So spray down your patio furniture, wipe your table, and thoroughly clean your grill. You will be happy you did when temperatures rise again and your patio is ready to go!

Bag the leaves

Be sure when you rake the leaves in your yard that you get your patio free of leaves as well. You won’t want to have to clean away an old pile of leaves after the snow melts in the spring.

Once the leaves are taken care of, hose off your patio before the first snowfall!

Set out winter furniture

Even though it is winter, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever want to use your patio. We suggest getting winter proof furniture or benches for your patio. You never know when a warm day will pop in between the cold or when you will want a spot to watch the kids make snow angels.

A nice fire pit can make even a chilly day bearable.

For Patio Design in Springfield, Ohio that can be used year round, contact us at Nature’s Own Landscaping. With a great patio, enough winter gear, and a cup of hot cocoa you can enjoy the outdoors even through the winter!

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