When to Stop Mowing Your Lawn Before Winter

red push lawnmower on green grass
red push lawnmower on green grass

Winter is a great time to decorate your yard for the holiday season. That may mean investing in holiday planters, placing wreaths and garlands, and lighting up the front of your home.

However, you may wonder what you can do about your lawn. Most people know to stop mowing at some point when it gets colder, but not many are positive about the best time. The problem is that mowing your lawn during the wintertime could be potentially damaging to it.

So when should you stop mowing your lawn before winter, and what are some lawn maintenance tips?

Understand Your Specific Lawn’s Needs

The first thing you need to understand is your lawn’s specific type of grass and what kind of care it requires.

For example, Kentucky bluegrass is one of the most common turfgrass species used in Ohio. It’s a dense turf that can repair itself when damaged. It performs very well in the cool season, but it’s not entirely drought-tolerant.

You may need to water your lawn occasionally if you experience a dry winter. It can also help prevent your grass from desiccating due to a lack of airborne moisture.

When Should You Stop Mowing Your Lawn Before Winter?

There isn’t much reason to have a mowing schedule during the winter. There isn’t as much sun or rain, and the cold helps to keep it from growing too long.

As such, the best time to do your last mow of the season is in late fall. Fall lawn care includes reducing your mowing height as the weather gets colder. This can help to prevent diseases and mold growth during the winter.

When to do this final mow will depend on your region and the type of grass you have. A good time to shoot for is late October or early November.

What you should do during the colder months is watch out for winter weeds. These may flourish if you’re not staying on top of them.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Pre-winter lawn prep should involve edging and trimming your lawn, inspecting for pests, and winterizing your mower. Sharpen the blades and change the oil if necessary.

When winter comes around, you can aerate your lawn to alleviate soil compaction and help air and water penetrate the ground. This involves poking small holes in your soil.

Regularly remove fallen leaves to prevent the debris from smothering your lawn. Continue to water your lawn as needed until the ground freezes.

Finally, control your weeds with some kind of herbicide. Left unchecked, and they can take over your yard.

Protect Your Lawn During the Winter

When should you stop mowing your lawn before winter comes around? It varies based on your area and your grass. However, a good time is when the temperature starts to drop and you don’t need to water it as much.

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