Trends in Outdoor Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can oftentimes be an overlooked feature in a backyard or any landscape. Often times, their purpose is to showcase something greater than just a wall. This does not diminish their importance, however, as a properly built and installed retaining wall can transform any outdoor space into an impressive show-stopping specticle.

We have gathered the top trends in retaining walls that we have seen at Natures Own Landscaping that are sure to add that wow factor to your landscape.

Garden space

Use a retaining wall to showcase your green thumb. A garden can surely be created without any walls at all, but you will risk your hard work going unnoticed and have a greater chance of creatures coming to snack on your vegetables.

Retaining walls can take your garden and elevate it. They can even separate your garden into different sections and add dimension to your landscape. Taking your garden vertical with a retaining wall will create an eye catching focal point instead of a passive patch of dirt and seeds.

Water or fire feature

If you really want to showcase a feature in your backyard, make it a water or fire feature. Retaining walls will take holes in the ground from ponds and firepits to grand fishing holes with waterfalls and fireplaces perfect for cozying up on a fall evening.

Defined spaces

In both large and small backyards you can get the most out of the space you have if you give it a purpose. Retaining walls can be used to help you define each space in your backyard. An outdoor living area can be created with a built in kitchen and a lounge space. Add seating around a fire pit so you never have to drag out portable chairs again.

Our landscape design experts will help you get the most out of your backyard with a design created just for you and the spaces you would like to create.


It’s all in the details. If you really want your landscape to stand out, don’t forget the embellishments. A plain mailbox can be transformed when you create a home for in with a retaining wall. A porch swing can become a focal point when it is anchored in a beautiful brick pillar. Adding these small details will make a big difference in the overall landscape of your backyard!

Now that you are inspired and thinking of how you could transform your backyard with retaining walls near Dayton, Ohio, contact our landscape design experts. We can use your vision and a few pavers and bricks to turn your landscape into a show stopping spectacle!

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