The Best Ways to Add Holiday Spirit to Your Landscaping

As a landscaping company we enjoy and appreciate a nice looking yard. In the summertime, this includes a well manicured lawn, pulled weeds, and beautifully designed landscaping such as patios, retaining walls, or water features.

In the winter months, however, a nice looking yard can be hard to accomplish. As grass and trees turn brown, water features stop running, and snow covers your outdoor patios and living spaces, how can you spruce up the exterior of your home?

How about adding some fun holiday spirit to your landscape.

Nothing brings out the kid in each one of us than the holidays. Many of us have fond memories of gazing at homes adorned in holiday lights or building the biggest snowman in the front yard.

Let’s embrace the Holiday spirit this year with some of these fun ways you can enhance your winter landscape.

Light The Way

Many people line the trim of their home with lights this time of year, which is a fun and easy way to illuminate your home for the holidays. The houses that really stand out, however, may have lighting incorporated into their landscape. Adding lights to your trees, walkways, bushes, or outdoor living spaces will have your house shining bright this winter.

Holiday Planters

The ground gets frozen and hard in the winter months, which makes it nearly impossible to plant anything. Most plants cant survive winter temperatures anyways. For these reasons, we recommend you embrace planters for your winter exterior décor. Window planter boxes and pots of all sizes can add a welcoming and festive touch to any driveways, front porch, or walkway. Filled with evergreen, birch, and other hardy materials, these planters can last all winter.

Wreaths And Garland

Again, since most plants won’t survive the winter months, wreaths and garlands are a great way to add a touch of green to an otherwise brown or white landscape. They can be added on or over front doors, porches, and garages.

Have a Little Fun

We encourage you to have fun with your holiday décor. Use this as an opportunity to make memories with your family. Who can build the biggest snowman in the front yard? Maybe you have a house with an inflatable Santa or a mechanical reindeer. Now is the time to have fun and enjoy the season.

As a landscaping company in Dayton, Ohio we want to say thank you to everyone we worked with this past year and look forward to another year of designing and enhancing your beautiful landscapes. Until then, Happy Holidays!

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