Summer Landscaping Tips

In much of the country, summer is when homeowners put a lot of effort into their landscaping and outdoor spaces. As mother nature treats us to warm and sunny conditions, you may find yourself outside much more often. Who doesn’t like to enjoy beautiful landscaping as they spend time outside?

Landscaping can sometimes be one of those home projects that seems easier to implement than it actually is. When it comes to Landscape design in Dayton, Ohio there is actually a lot of expertise that goes into installing landscaping and special features on the exterior of your home.

At Nature’s Own Landscaping, our team does much more than throw a few plants in the ground or install patios. We take the time to get to know the wants and desires of each homeowner we work with. We also study the conditions of their outdoor spaces to select the plants and features that will best suit what they have.

A big part of our goal when implementing landscape design for you, is to keep maintenance in mind. We never want to set homeowners up for failure by giving them unrealistic landscaping expectations. We work with all our clients to establish their individual level of preferred maintenance and go from there.

As we mentioned above, the hot summer weather is when landscaping really gets to shine. Summer weather, however, can also introduce some challenges to landscaping maintenance. Below are a few tips for you to be successful in summer landscaping maintenance.

Water Your Lawn And Plants

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s important to understand how much the summer sun and heat can really leave your plants and lawn thirsty. Watering your lawn and plants in the correct way can actually make a big difference in their overall health.

Most people assume that watering often is the answer to summer heat, but watering thoroughly is going to be more important than how often. Make sure you allow your lawn and plants enough time to truly absorb the water you are giving them before moving on.

Watering in the morning or evening can be more effective than in the heat of the day. This will help prevent the heat from sucking up all the moisture before your plants can.

Consider an Irrigation System

Without any kind of sprinkler or irrigation system you will have to be disciplined in your watering schedule. An irrigation system can be beneficial in automating your watering process and will ensure your plants and lawn are getting enough water.

Sprinkler systems will efficiently water your lawn at any schedule you decide to set for it. Drip irrigation systems can be great for gardens as they slowly water plants making sure water is absorbed and not run off.

Installing these systems is an investment but could save you a lot of time and money in the long run as they enable you to effortlessly care for your lawn and other landscaping.

Mow Your Lawn

This is another one that may seem like a no brainer, but many homeowners have trouble finding the sweet spot of lawn mowing. Mow your yard too often or cut it too short and it could negatively affect the health of your grass. Adversely, if you don’t mow your yard enough, it can become harder to mow and maintain in the long run, not to mention it won’t look great.

Care for Your Grass

Mowing and watering are just the basics of lawn care. To really ensure the health of your lawn you can have your yard aerated to improve oxygen flow. Fertilizer also goes a long way in providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs to stay thick, green, and healthy.

Speaking of nutrients, pull and treat weeds that pop up in your lawn as they are only there to suck the nutrients from your healthy grass.

The right landscaping for your region and specific yard should be easy to maintain. With these few easy maintenance tips, we hope you are able to enjoy the summer months in your outdoor spaces. For advice, tips, and tricks, on your landscaping design and maintenance contact Nature’s Own Landscaping Company!

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