Retaining Walls: More Than a Decorative Feature

Some of the most impressive landscape designs out there usually include some sort of brick, concrete, paver, or any other hardscape features. These features really anchor a landscape design and elevate it to the next level. Not only that, but they usually add beautiful contrast to the greens and other colors of your lawn and plants. They also provide function, from stairs, walls, patios, and more.

We can all agree adding hard-scape details to your landscape can really be beneficial in the overall look. But did you know, most hardscape, especially retaining walls are usually a solution to less than ideal backyard conditions.

Talk about transforming lemons into lemonade.

Aside from beauty, retaining walls actually are one of the best ways to bring function back to a sloped or uneven backyard.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons a retaining wall may be beneficial for your backyard landscape.

Evening Out Sloped Properties

Retaining walls can be utilized to create level and usable space in a sloped backyard that would be otherwise useless for anything other than downhill sledding.

Retaining walls can be used as barriers and levels within sloped properties to establish flat ground. This could be used for seating, a firepit, sport court, you name it!

Preventing Erosion and Water Damage

In addition to leveling out sloped properties to create useful space, retaining walls are also useful in rerouting water flow away from your home. If your yard naturally slopes towards your home, you are at greater risk of erosion and flooding and all the damage that comes along with that.

Retaining walls can be built to redirect water and help protect your home from this damage.

Additional Seating and Function

Retaining walls themselves can be utilized for a lot of different things. You can use them as additional seating or to establish a patio space or outdoor kitchen. You can use them to border gardens or flower beds. The possibilities are endless of how you can functionally utilize a retaining wall.

Visual Interest

As we mentioned before, retaining walls really do add a lot of visual interest and contrast to an otherwise bland space. Imagine looking out your window and instead of seeing a big hill you saw a retaining wall diving up the space with flowers, shrubbery and a bonfire pit. Doesn’t that sound nice?

At Nature’s Own Landscaping we want to make all your landscaping dreams come true. Especially if those dreams include retaining walls in Dayton, Ohio. We are ready and available to not only help you add visual interest to your outdoor space, but a lot of function, as well! Give us a call today!

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