Planting a Garden for Beginners

Have you ever embarked on planting a garden or even tried caring for a single plant? In science class you learn what a plant needs to live, water and sunlight. Pretty simple, right?

Well, if you have tried to create a vast garden or even tried caring for a single plant, you may have learned the hard way that it’s easier said than done.

It seems to take a special kind of person with a “green thumb” to really get a garden thriving.

If you find yourself planning a garden you will discover some plants need constant sunlight, some need shade, some need water everyday, and some need an ice cube once a week. It can be difficult to select the right plants and overwhelming to keep up with their care.

We want you to succeed in caring for your plants and overall creating a beautiful outdoor space. Here are some points to consider when planting your first garden.

Location and sunlight

Contrary to what we may have been told in 2nd grade science, not all plants need constant sunlight. Some plants, actually thrive with a little bit of shade.

Finding the right location in your yard for your garden can have a big impact on the health of your plants. If your graden is already created in a very sunny location, chose plants that thrive with lots of sun. If your garden or yard doesn’t get much sunlight at all, find plants that can live in the shade.


Watering plants can be a tedious task. Water them too much or too little and they will die. Hopefully you don’t have to go through too many plants before finding that sweet spot of just enough water.

Consider how much rain your plants will get when deciding how much you will need to water them. Also be sure to research how much water your specific kind of plant needs, it varies from plant to plant.

Time of year

Different types of plants thrive during different times of years. Think about how long you want your garden to bloom and what time of year you would like to plant before selecting the specific plants for your garden.

Ask an expert

It has been established that planting a garden is so much more than water and sunlight. It can be overwhelming and discouraging when you work hard to plant a garden only to see it fail. So consulting an expert is really the best starting point.

Natures Own is a landscaping company near Dayton, Ohio that would love to help you plan your garden. We will help you find the best spots in your yard for plant growth and work with you to select the plants that will grow best in the environment of your yard.

Natures Own will set you up for success in becoming an expert gardener yourself!

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