Lighting Up Your Landscape

Beautiful landscaping is meant to be seen. While the long days help showcase your lawn in the summer, the spring and fall seasons can leave you out in the dark. This is where landscape lighting can help out. 

With the right lighting in place, your landscape can look even better at night than it does during the day. Not only does lighting installation help highlight the surrounding landscape, but it provides the perfect ambience for outdoor events and lounging.  

The question is, what makes good landscape lighting? 

Landscape Lighting Placement 

There is a lot you can do with landscape lighting. However, it’s important that it meshes with the rest of your landscape. Lighting should never detract from the surrounding landscape but enhance it. 

If you have walkways through your land, lighting can be placed around the edges to illuminate the path ahead. Not only does this look great, but it makes it easier to travel through your yard at night.  

Trees and shrubbery can also benefit from lights. There are a number of ways you can illuminate a tree or a bush including highlighting (light directly shining on the object), silhouetting (placing the light behind, shadowing (using light to cast specific shadows), and more. 

For those with a pond in their landscape, lighting can be used to make it glow. This is a beautiful effect that can radiate throughout the surrounding area. 

Finally, for those with a patio or other gathering areas in their landscape, some overhead lighting sets the perfect mood. Though string lights are a popular choice, they’re not the only option. 

Designing the Perfect Lit Landscape 

When it comes to lighting up your landscape, it’s not just about where the lights are placed, but what lights are used and how they’re directed. There are a number of techniques that can be used to accent and increase the overall atmosphere of your yard, patio, and more. Ultimately, it’s about finding what’s right for your yard. 

Of course, there’s a difference between knowing what you want and actually bringing it to life. That’s where a landscape designer can help. 

At Nature’s Own, we provide custom landscape design in Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding communities.  Our services include lighting placement, plant establishment, hardscaping, and more. We work with you to design and create a beautiful landscape that is unique to your home (or business). Contact us today. 

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