Landscape Vs. Hardscape

The terms landscape and hardscape often relate and go together, even though they are actually referring to two very different things. Maybe you have heard these terms and wondered what the difference really is or if they are interchangeable?

When it comes to planning your outdoor living spaces you want to be aware of all the incredible options you have available to you through both landscaping and hardscaping. At Nature’s own we specialize and offer services in both.

Let’s take a look at how you can enhance your outdoor spaces with both landscaping and hardscaping. How are they different? How can they work together?


Landscaping is a bit of a generic or all encompassing word for your outdoor space and property. It can refer to the overall shape, slope, and terrain of your property. Landscaping also encompasses features like your lawn, plants, trees, gardens, and all the features you can choose to add to your yard.

Additionally, the term landscaping can be an umbrella term that also includes your hardscape. Patios, firepits, walkways, retaining walls, waterfalls, can all fall under the category of hardscape. Let’s talk about it more.


As we mentioned, one category of landscaping is hardscaping. The name itself can help us remember what it is referring to. All the structures built out of brick and mortar, pavers, wood, stones, etc… fall under the category of hardships. So all the hard surfaces!

Hardscape is focused on building structures to add form and function to your outdoor spaces. They are more permanent and long lasting features that can be used to create special functions in your backyard.

Masonry Contractors

If you have dreams of adding hardscape features to your backyard, we encourage you to contact one of our masonry contractors in Dayton, Ohio.

What is masonry?

Masonry is the art of building structures out of smaller, individual units. For example, brick, blocks, slabs, and stones. And masonry contractors are professionals in doing so.

Anytime you want to add a firepit, outdoor kitchen, sprawling patio, paver or brick walkway, pond and water features, or retaining walls to your backyard, a masonry is going to be able to take a pile of bricks and turn it into the masterpiece of your dreams.

Tie it all Together

Together, hardscaping can really complete the look, form, and function of your overall landscape. As landscaping professionals. We have experts in all things outdoors from pants, gardens, and trees, to patios, retaining walls, and firepits.

Give us a call at Nature’s Own to get started on your own hardscape or landscape project today!

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