Landscape Design Inspiration

There’s so much you can do with landscape design these days. The possibilities seem endless and can sometimes be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at some of these designs and see if there’s something in here that you can incorporate as refreshed look to the outside of your home.

Messy Magic

We’ve seen an emerging trend in landscape design where you let the plants grown. It’s almost as if the more you have, the better. It’s not the perfectly sculpted look that you’ll find in other places, but it somehow all works together. If vines grow over the window, it’s okay. If it starts to come through the bricks, it’s not the end of the world. If you like the bohemian look, consider adding a little messy magic to your landscape design.

Less Is More

Some of us aren’t the messy magic people, and that’s okay. Sometimes, less is more. It can be a more powerful statement depending on what you’re going for. What we like about this design is that it fits the home and choose plants that can be a cohesive experience throughout the landscape. Maybe selecting a staple for your home and keeping the theme throughout is the best plan for you.

Classic Contemporary

There’s something right about the classy about the contemporary look. We’ve seen it before, but we keep going back to it because it’s tried and true. It can look good in just about any scenario. If you’re not looking for something that’s way out of left field, stay true to what works. The classic contemporary looks is always a good option.

Regardless of what style you go with it’s your home and it should also be your dream. Let us come alongside your dreams and turn them into reality. If you’re looking for landscape design in Dayton, Ohio, give us a call at Nature’s Own. We’re excited to see what could be with your landscaping!

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