Keeping Things Beautiful All Year Long with Winter Landscaping

Looking out your window in the winter months can be a rollercoaster ride of bright, beautiful, whites and dull, dingy, greys. It can sometimes feel like eternity until spring colors start to bud again.

This has some homeowners feeling helpless with their landscaping in the winter. How could you possibly bring life to your icy, dull landscape?

We have come up with our best tips to breakthrough the snow, ice, salt, and dirt to bring beauty to your winter landscape.

Evergreen trees

Evergreen trees will be your best friend in a winter climate and the base of all your winter landscaping. These trees, as their name points out, keep their color year round and grow to create a full, beautiful, backdrop.

Evergreens are low maintenance and will shine bright amongst dingy winter colors. They also look great when adorned with a fresh white snowfall.

Refill summer pots

Just as you may plant seasonal pots in the spring and summer, have a little fun creating winter themed pots. Outdoor pots are a great way to bring winter and holiday decor outside with bows and different festive accents.

Utilize birch and other eye catching bark or wood accents. This is another area where evergreen sprigs are a great low maintenance option. Select a few different colors and textures of evergreen to keep your pots interesting.

Don’t feel like you have the outdoor pot design “eye”? Ask our experts to help you select the best and sturdiest materials that will last all winter in your pots.

Pops of color

In addition to your greens, you’ll want to add some pops of color throughout your winter landscape. Berries are an easy way to do this. There are multiple options for shrubbery and decorative accents that will bring colorful berries into your yard.

Additionally, winter blooming flowers can bring some unexpected life to your landscape in the long winter months

At Natures Own we specialize in landscaping near Dayton, Ohio which means we specialize in knowing the climate and weather patterns in the area. We have all the knowledge you need, from evergreen planting to winter blooming flowers. We can help evaluate your unique landscape to bring beauty to it year round.

Light it up

Lastly, nothing is going to brighten up your landscape like lights. You can utilize fun decorative lights during the holidays to add your own personal touch to the exterior of your home. We also recommend installing permanent lights along walkways and in front of landscape features to highlight the beauty of your yard.

You work so hard on your grass, gardens, and patio pots through the spring, summer, and fall. Use these tips as a low maintenance plan to brighten up your winter landscape and give yourself a much deserved break this winter. Happy Holidays!

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