How to Keep Your Outdoor Pond Water Clean

Whether You have a big sprawling backyard or a smaller garden oasis, adding a pond to your outdoor landscaping can be incredibly effective in providing you an outdoor area of rest and tranquility. Of course, your backyard cant provide you with rest if it is constantly in need of maintenance and upkeep.

Garden ponds are a great addition to any backyard as they can be created to maintain themselves and take very little effort or time from you in keeping them clean. With a little help from our experts in pond installation around Springfield, Ohio you could have a tranquil backyard pond that’s easy to maintain.

One of the most commonly asked questions about pond maintenance is, “How do I keep the water clean?”

Let’s take a look at how we can help you design pond hardscape and landscape that will actually minimize the work it will take to keep it clean.

Add Fish to Your Pond

It may seem like fish would simply add more waste and bacteria to a small garden pond, but actually the opposite is true. Adding fish to your pond will actually help clean your pond water and help control the spread of algae, bugs, and bacteria in your pond.

Select the Right Plants

There is an art to selecting which plants should go around or even in your pond. You want the right ratio of shade covering and sunlight to provide the right balance of oxygen and co2 to your fish. There are also plants that can be placed in your pond to help oxygenate the water for your fish and sleep it cleaner.

This is where our team of professionals can be really helpful in selecting the right plants for your pond needs.

Clear out Debris

It is important to monitor and clear out your pond of any debris that may find its way in your water before it starts to decay. Decaying debris combined with fish waste can cause ammonium to spike in your pond water.

You can purchase a pond skimmer to help clear out debris regularly or simple monitor and clean with a pond net, every few days.

Add a Pump & Filter

You won’t be able to have a healthy and clean pond without a pump and filter. Stagnant water, especially in smaller ponds are very likely to grow algae and other bacteria. A filter will help clean your water effortlessly and a pump will help keep the water moving and cycling through which will decrease bacteria growth.

Monitor the Temperature

As the seasons change, you want to be aware of the temperature of your pond. In the summer, shade is important to keep the water cool while in the winter you want to be sure to follow proper maintenance steps when it gets close to freezing.

Adding a Pond to Your Backyard

Once you make the decision to add a pond to your backyard landscape, your next step will be to call in the professionals. When a pond is installed correctly not only will it be beautiful and tranquil but it should be set up to require little day to day maintenance.

Nature’s Own Landscaping is ready to get your backyard oasis set up for days of relaxation and enjoyment!

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