How Planting a Tree in Your Yard Will Help The Environment

In the past several years we have seen endless news stories regarding climate change and its effects on the environment we live in. Climate change and saving the environment can feel like big daunting problems. Hearing about these topics can leave you feeling helpless, like there is nothing you can do to solve it.

The good news is, however, there is plenty you can do to help combat climate change and support a healthy environment for future generations to come. And many of these things are as easy as planting a tree.

As experts in Landscape design in Dayton, Ohio we know a thing or two about planting trees. We are excited about the impact that can be made on the health of our environment when homeowners choose to add trees to their landscaping.

A recent study published by the NASA global climate change initiative found that if half a trillion trees were planted across the globe that we could eliminate 20 years of human generated carbon dioxide emissions.

Half a trillion trees? That’s a lot!

We know this may have you wondering what difference a few trees in your backyard can make. Just think, if every home owner in America planted a few trees, we would be well on our way to saving the environment!

A single mature tree can pull 48 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere in one year while releasing much-needed oxygen in exchange. So every tree planted means more carbon dioxide is removed and less harm is done to the environment.

Additional Benefits of Trees

In addition to helping combat climate change, having trees in your yard will provide you with many benefits for you to enjoy and enhance your outdoor landscape. A canopy of trees can provide great shade on a hot summer day. Trees can also create privacy in an otherwise open backyard. The root system of trees can help stabilize the soil and limit erosion from rain water. You may even be able to provide home and other resources to wildlife in your area.

While planting a tree is an easy task in the grand scheme of saving the environment. It is something that should be well thought through and done with careful consideration. Planting a tree is much more than digging a hole in the ground and plopping one in.

Sun exposure, water consumption, height and width, and maintenance should all be considered when selecting trees to plant in your yard. This is when you should call in your local landscape design company. They will be able to help you select the best trees for your local climate and your backyard specification and execute the transplant and planting process to be sure it is done with care. The last thing you want is a big dead tree in your yard because it wasn’t planted properly.

Doing your part to protect and enhance the environment can come from easy small steps. Recycling, using less waste, and planting a tree are all great ways to start. Let us help you fight climate change today!

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