Fall Lawn Preparation

It seems like summer just started, and already, it’s coming to an end. As the weather begins to chill and the leaves change color, you may think it’s okay to start ignoring your lawn. 

However, before the ground freezes and the first snow begins to fall, there are a few things you should take care of. Here are some simple tips for taking care of your lawn during the fall. 

Keep Killing and Pulling Weeds 

The weeds might not be growing like they were a month ago, but they’re still there, and they’re waiting to return with a vengeance next spring. Though the cold weather sends the weeds into a dormmate state, it doesn’t necessarily kill them. 

But you can kill them. Now. 

The more you kill now, the less there will be in the spring, giving you a head start on weed maintenance. 

Plant Some Seeds and Trees 

The fall might not be the best time to plant vegetables and flowers (except spring bulbs), but it can be a good time to plant a bush or a tree. As long as you get them in while the ground is still fresh and rain is still falling, they can take root now, hold out through winter, and start blossoming during the spring. 

The early fall can also be a great time to lay down some seed in bare patches. Since weeds aren’t thriving and germinating, grass seed has less competition. And it won’t be overworked by summer heat. 


For those living in northern states, fall can be the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. Grasses like bluegrass and fescue greatly benefit from fall fertilization. When spring comes around next year, you’ll find your grass turning green sooner, leaving you with a beautiful lawn. 

When the Leaves Start Falling, Start Raking 

Raking leaves might seem trivial, but it’s not just for appearances. Leaves block the sun and nutrients from your lawn and can start to damage it right away. Once the winter comes and goes, they’ll turn into dead clumps that stick to your lawn in patches, preventing your lawn from properly recovering in the spring. 

It’s a lot easier to take care of leaves when they’re freshly fallen, so start raking now. 

Trim the Trees and Bushes 

With the leaves falling off everything but evergreens, you suddenly have a clearer picture of what your trees and bushes look like. That means it’s the perfect time to do some trimming. You’ll find it’s easier to get to the different branches when there are no leaves in the way. 

By trimming the trees and leaves now, you can save yourself work in the spring. 

Talk to a Professional 

It’s not too late to get some landscaping done before the snowfalls. Whether you want some hardscaping, tree planting, or fence installation, you’ll find that landscapers are readily available in the fall time. Not only can you get some work done now, but they can help you plan ahead for spring time. 

Winter is certainly coming, but it will be spring before you know it. Start prepping your lawn today. 

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