Current Trends in Patio Design

Keeping up with the current trends in patio design can be a lot of work for anyone. Every year, styles shift and patterns change. What used to work doesn’t work anymore, and you’re left wondering where to go from here. The good news is we’ve kept our eye on what’s trending, and with some of our recommendations, we feel making some of these choices with your patio design will help your patio stand the test of time. Here are three current design trends to take a look at for your patio.

The Minimalism Style

Minimalism has swept our culture. It’s invaded our way of life, our homes, our business practices, and we’re seeing it everywhere in patio design as well. In years past, our patios have grown as we have. We add until our patios are filled with stuff that don’t have value. This new trend of minimalism takes the focus back to the basic. It looks at what is essential, and in highlighting some statement pieces in your patio, you can do more with less.

The Garden Style

As patio designs in Springfield, Ohio have developed, we’ve seen the tendency to move away from the garden style look in favor of more furniture. However, we’ve seen a resurgence of green coming back to patios. It’s a great way to show growth, health, and the attention to detail you have with your patio. The garden style can also be a great past time and is known to reduce stress. Adding more of a garden style to your patio is an excellent option if you’re looking for something new!

The “Whatever Weather” Style

As you can probably guess, we’ve invented the name of this trend, but it captures the heart of this emerging style. In conjunction with the garden style trend in patios, we’ve seen more styles with plants that can survive any temperature. This is important, especially when living in Ohio when going through every season each year is the norm. It can be challenging to try and grow plants that work during certain season only. It has your patio looking great at times and rough at others. We’ve got great suggestions for whatever weather style plants and furniture that would be perfect for your patio.

Regardless of the style of your patio, an outside opinion of what your space could be is always a good thing. Let Nature’s Own come alongside you to make your patio the patio of your dreams!

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