Building an Outdoor Kitchen: 4 Key Dos and Don’ts to Follow

beautiful outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and sink
beautiful outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and sink

Did you know that spending 20 minutes or more outside can reduce stress and anxiety? Unfortunately, fitting in this time can still be a challenge with work schedules and maintaining the home.

To make the most of your time with family, while reducing stress, you can design your life with your priorities in mind. Building an outdoor kitchen, for example, is the perfect way to stay productive, let the kids play, and still eat a good meal.

With endless opportunities and cooking strategies, designing a kitchen can take time. Take a look below to discover the biggest dos and don’ts while creating your outdoor kitchen!

1. Do Consider Your Lifestyle

What types of food is your family drawn to cooking? Whether you spend a lot of time behind the grill, stovetop, or brick oven, you can do it outside.

Your lifestyle and preferences should be the leading factor when designing your outdoor kitchen space. Outdoor kitchen design tips are helpful, but installing a feature you won’t use will be a waste of money.

It also helps to think about how your family spends time in the yard. If you and your kids have a pool or toys, you should build your kitchen in a convenient location.

2. Don’t Underestimate Environmental Elements

Sunshine is here, but you don’t want to overlook the rest of the year. Unless you plan to remove appliances and supplies in the winter, you’ll want to invest in durable items.

Many outdoor kitchen design tips involve information about placement. Aside from convenience, planning for your kitchen to be in a spot with minimal sunlight is a must. Our Natures Own experts can help you find the best placement for safety, comfort, and accessibility.

More than 44% of homes in the United States are at severe risk of a weather-related disaster. Accounting for the weather will protect your wallet and home in the long run.

3. Do Find Inspiration While Outdoor Kitchen Planning

Whether you have a plan for your outdoor kitchen or not, you need inspiration. Newer kitchen products have innovative designs that will increase protection.

With the right inspiration, you can increase the value of your home, and our team can help! Looking at other examples of outdoor kitchens can help you understand what works best and what will be needed for your family.

4. Don’t Build with Flammable Materials

One of the most dangerous and common outdoor kitchen mistakes people make is using the wrong materials. Taking shortcuts with cheaper materials could put your home and family at risk.

Avoid building wooden bars or tables for your kitchen, as the wind can put them in contact with flames. Insulated jackets are a must for flammable materials, but hardscaping is recommended. Our team can help you build a brick oven, counter, and more without sacrificing safety.

Make the Most of Summer with an Outdoor Kitchen

Designing your outdoor kitchen will involve work, but with the right help, you can create your dream cooking space.

Natures Own specializes in landscaping and hardscaping projects. Not only can you install a kitchen in your backyard, but you can also get new flowers and scenery. An outdoor kitchen is a great way to stay engaged and healthy with your family.

To get your project started, check out our outdoor kitchen construction services and contact us today!

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