Bringing Your Lawn Back to Life After Winter

The winter may keep you inside, but it can’t keep you from dreaming of the warmer months ahead. If you’re a person who values their landscape, you probably have a few ideas of what you want to do when the spring comes.

To make sure you get off to the best start possible, we’ve put together a few pro-tips of where to begin. But before we get there, there’s something you need to do on your end.

Be Patient

Landscaping, gardening, and general greenery is a long term game. Plants need to be natured. Grass needs to be tended to. Trees and bushes need to fill out. Coming out of the winter, you’ll want to be vigilant, but you also need to be patient.

Following the right steps will get your landscape looking great again. But it’s not going to happen over night.

With that said, let’s get started.

Clean and Clear

The first thing to do is to clean things up. With the snow melted away, there’s going to be a lot of junk lying around. Remove any leaves, branches, garbage, etc. Rake up your lawn. Spray and sweep away the dirt and build up from your hard surfaces.

If you can’t make things grow, you can at least make them green.

Reseed the Dead Spots (or Wait)

Once the grass starts to bounce back, you’ll likely see some a dead patch or bare spot. You can go ahead and sprinkle some see there. Just make sure to mark them off so they don’t get trampled.

On the other hand, you can actually hold off on the seed as well. We know you’re eager to make everything green, but early spring isn’t always the best time to sow grass. The hottest time of the year is just ahead. Weeds are starting to sprout, competing against the grass for precious nutrients.

That’s why late summer or even early fall can actually be a good time to lay some seed. It’s cooler, the soil is still rich, and the weeds have mostly gone to sleep for the year.

Clip and Remove Dead Branches

Have some branches and stems that didn’t quite make it through the winter. Go ahead and give them a little trimming.

Wait to Mow

When the grass starts growing, you’ll want it mowed right away. But coming off the winter, it’s actually good to wait a little longer than normal. Once again, be patient.

Bring in the Professionals

Ready to get that next landscaping project started? Maybe you’d like to do some hardscaping as well. Don’t put it off till the end of the year. Get started right away so you can enjoy the new landscape the rest of the spring and summer.

At Natures Own, we provide a full range of landscaping and hardscaping services so that you can have the home surroundings you’ve always dreamed of. From paver patios to pond installation in Springfield, OH, if you have a dream for your landscape, we can make it a reality.

We even provide landscape maintenance to clean things up and keep them looking pretty. If you’re ready to start planning, we’re ready to listen. Contact us today.

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