Basic Patio Setup – The Must Haves

A well laid out patio can quickly become your favorite spot in your home. Except maybe during winter. 

But for the rest of the seasons, a patio is perfect for get togethers, alone time, meals, laughs, and so much more. That is, as long as it has everything it should. A true patio is more than a hard surface with a few chairs propped up. 

It should be an extension of your home.  

With that in mind, here’s some general guidance for setting up your perfect patio. 

Furniture You’ll Actually Use 

Your patio shouldn’t be the living room of your yard. By that, we mean it’s not their just to look pretty. It’s meant to be used. A patio is a place to spend time, both individually and in groups. When purchasing patio furniture, you should ask yourself what you will be using your patio for. 

Full meals? Coffee time? Fireside chats?  

Consider how many seating placements you will need. And while patio furniture will never as be comfortable as your indoor couch, you should try to find something you can sit on for longer than 30 minutes. 

If you have the space, you can setup two areas. A more formal seating area with a table where meals can be had, and then a free-form, casual area where people will sit, lay down, and relax. 

Grill or Firepit (or Both) 

Every patio should have a grill close by. That’s just an unwritten rule. Of course, there are many grill options to choose from, ranging from compact charcoal grills to massive, multi-layered gas grills. If you’re a true barbecue-er, you may want to get a smoker. There are also grills with smoker attachments. 

Then there’s the firepit. 

While a grill is great for making food, a firepit is multi-purpose. Not only can it be used for cooking, but it provides light and heat. The firepit is something you should think about right away. Depending on how you want it set up, it might be built into the patio itself 

Whatever your style, a firepit is a great addition to any patio. Just make sure there’s nothing above it that might catch fire. 


Proper lighting means more than a light attached to the back of your house. A patio should have its own lighting sources. After all, the right lighting sets the mood for the whole porch. One option that’s currently very popular is string lighting. It greats a great atmosphere for an affordable price. 

Another option to consider is solar power. Not only will it cut down on utility bills over time, but it removes the mess of chords. 

You can find solar powered options for lanterns, lampposts, and even outlets. 


You won’t always be out on the patio during nighttime. When the sun is high in the sky, it’s nice to have the option for shade. Sure, there may be times when you want to get your skin bronzed, but there will also be times when you don’t want the sun in your eyes. 

A few umbrellas or an awning provide a great retractable solution to meet you where you’re at.  

Alternatively, you can place a fixed ceiling that covers part of the patio, but also leaves part exposed. 

Heat Source 

It’s nice to be able to use your porch on the colder days. If you have a firepit, that obviously provides a nice heat source. But you might not always have the fire going. Even if you do, it might not always be enough. 

There are plenty of great looking heater stands to choose from that can match the look of your patio while keeping you nice and toasty. 

A Good Foundation 

The perfect patio starts with a beautiful, yet strong foundation. While some will pour a slab of plain, grey cement and call it a patio, we believe you can do better. Paver stones or masonry patios create a timeless look and firm foundation for a reasonable price. 

Whatever your style, there’s a hardscape material to match. 

At Natures Own, we provide high quality patio design and installation in Springfield, Ohio and beyond. If you’re looking to overhaul or install the patio of your dreams, we can help you achieve it. Contact us today! 

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