Adding Ponds and Other Water Features to Your Landscape

When people think landscapes, their minds often jump immediately to green grass, well-trimmed shrubbery, some nice rock placement, and some colorful flowers for a nice accent. But if you really want to transform a lawn into your own personal oasis, some water features can make a massive difference. 

Ponds, streams, and waterfalls are perfect ways to bring the great outdoors into your backyard. Meanwhile, features such as fountains add a certain elegance and charm. However, integrating water features isn’t as simple as digging a hole and pouring some water inside of it. Like any piece of your landscape, water features need to be strategically placed and seamlessly integrated.  

You’ll also need to consider hookups for water and electricity, as well as on-going maintenance. But before we get too far into the specifics, let’s take a look at the different options available. While there are a number of choices, it typically starts with… 


A pond is a beautiful addition to any backyard. With a well-made pond, you can feel like you’re exploring nature from the comfort of your own backyard. Birds and other small wildlife will be naturally drawn to it. You can even add fish to it, as long as you take a few necessary steps. 

Installing a backyard pond truly takes your landscape to a different level. Yet despite the premium appearance, ponds are more affordable than many realize. They also don’t take too much upkeep to stay running. A few simple tasks help you keep ahead of algae growth and other contaminants.  

Other Water Features 

Ponds are great, but they’re not the only water feature that you can add to your landscape. There are a wide variety of fountains to choose from. Whether it’s a simple spout or a statue fountain, there are options to match anyone’s landscape.  

Waterfalls also make a great addition. You can add a waterfall to your pond, or you could have a standalone waterfall that disappears into the ground beneath. With either option, you can enjoy the peaceful sound of running water playing in the background of your landscape. 

Speaking of running water, why not add your own stream that runs through your yard?  

And of course, there are usable water features such as a pool or hot tub. While these are often placed separately from the rest of your landscape’s aesthetic, they can be integrated into the overall design for a more unique and attractive end product. 

Integrating Water Features Into Your Yard 

Water features are a great addition to any landscape, but only if they’re properly integrated. Otherwise, you could end up with a large mess and a lot of hassle. If you’re looking to add water features to your landscape, it’s best to use a professional. 

At Nature’s Own, we provide custom landscaping experiences that are unique to each customer. We can help you explore the options available and decide on what’s best for your vision. For water feature installation and landscape design in the Dayton, Ohio area, contact Nature’s Own today. 

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